This page contains list of files that you can download in CSV format. Please note that the snapshots are behind both Kiva's website as well as the API, which means, these files could be older by 24 hours or more.
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Loan IDName
Raw LinkLoan Link For Excel
PopularityLoan Amount
Funded AmountAmount Needed
Percent FundedLars Ratio
Time Left (Seconds)Funding Rate Per Hour
Posted Date (UTC)Planned Expiration Date (UTC)
Disbursed Date (UTC)Posted Date (US/Pacific)
Planned Expiration Date (US/Pacific)Disbursal Date (US/Pacific)
Time LeftPartner Name
Partner LinkPartner Delinquency Rate
Partner Default RatePartner Total Amount Raised
Partner No. of Loans PostedPartner Loans At Risk Rate
Partner Currency Exchange Loss RatePartner Portfolio Yield
Partner RatingPartner Secular Rating
Partner Social RatingPartner Religious Affiliation
TagsRepayment Interval
Repayment TermTranslator Byline
ThemesFunding Model
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Item No Description File Generated On
1 List of all currently fundraising loans Download
15-Jun-2024 7:30:05 AM
2 Newly joined lenders (latest 1000) Download 11-Nov-2018 10:50:29 PM
3 List of all untagged, fundraising loans Download 15-Jun-2024 7:30:05 AM
4 All assigned loans for Tagging (for loan taggers team) Download 15-Jun-2024 7:30:05 AM
5 The Mindful Bunch Lenders List Download 09-May-2024 6:55:39 PM
6 All loans
Note 1 : This file is huge
Note 2 : This file is generated from Data Snapshots, so it could be 24 hours or more behind the API
Download 14-Jun-2024 6:56:18 PM
9 All Partner Data Download 26-Feb-2024 9:00:04 AM