About KivaTools


Kiva Tools is a website to help Kiva lenders understand Microfinance and Kiva's operations better. Kiva now operates in over five dozen countries, and generates lots of data. It is very educational to look at this data to understand the geographies and economics better. Plus, it is a lot of fun :)

Note: Kiva Tools is not affiliated with Kiva or endorsed by Kiva.

Note 2: Kiva Tools grew from questions and requests from fellow lenders and friends. I'm working on it as and when I get time.


  • Who runs this website?

    Me aka Vijay, I've been a lender at Kiva for a few years. I love Kiva and I think they are awesome.

  • Where do you get the data from?

    Two sources - Kiva's API and Daily snapshots.

  • How often is the data refreshed?

    Fundraising Loans are updated every 15 minutes. Partners page is updated once a day.

  • Can I use the data/graphs etc from Kiva Tools for my projects?

    Of course, feel free (just don't sue me !!). If you have specific questions about the data, please check with Kiva (unless it is a bug on this site).

  • I've some ideas for a project with Kiva data. Would you like to work with me?

    Absolutely, anything for Kiva. Please get in touch.